Customer Communication System – CCM

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In the competitive reality we are in, the organization’s customers are constantly exposed to a plethora of tempting offers from competing businesses that may lead them to abandon the product/service that the organization provides. Therefore, one of the central goals of any organization is to nurture communication with its customers, thereby maintaining customer loyalty to the organization, its products, and its services over time.

Among all the various communication channels, the use of documents that the organization sends to its customers is one of the most effective means regarding maintaining customer loyalty to the organization and deepening the relationship with them.



Customer documents: an affective communication channel

Many organizations are unaware of the range of possibilities and the power that can be derived from using interactive documents as a lively, active, and two-way communication channel with the customer. The interactive document enables the organization to continue providing its customers with a whole layer of services that promote its business goals even after the document has left the organization and been sent to the customer.

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