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The Consist Software Solutions Worldwide Group is an international high-tech company specializing in software and systems development, marketing and implementation of software systems and providing professional services in the fields of information technology. Consist was established in 1972 and employs approximately 1,000 people around the world, including Israel, Germany, Spain, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and more. We at Consist specialize in the development of software and information systems, in the development and integration of computer infrastructures, in the marketing and implementation of advanced software systems as well as in providing professional services in the various fields of Information technology in the framework of consulting services, outsourcing, managed services and placement.

In Israel, the Consist group employs over 500 workers and has over 1400 customers, including leading organizations in nearly all sectors of the economy: most major banks and financial institutions, Israel’s largest insurance companies, dozens of government ministries and municipalities, high-tech companies, large communication companies, nearly all major academic institutions, Israel’s largest healthcare organizations and medical centers, Israel’s largest retail chains, leading e-commerce companies and more.

In Israel Consist offers a diverse and comprehensive set of services and solutions (One Stop Shop):

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